Funat Dragon´s Blood Extract Drops Stomach Relief Digestive Supplement 60ml

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Product Description

The dragons blood is used to treat gastrointestinal problems. These drops allow you to restore your intestinal flora and relieve abdominal pain. They will help your digestive system and speed up the healing process. Look no further! Everything you need is inside these drops.
These supplement properties contribute to gastrointestinal health or other digestive tracts. The dragons blood is really helpful as constipation relief.
The healing properties stimulate in vitro wound contraction and helps in the formation of the crust and quickly regenerates the skin helping with the formation of collagen and helps to avoid pain. This dietary supplement acts as natural skin remedies.
The dragon’s blood has a potent stomach relief action; this is a natural supplement. Recommeded dose: 20 drops in 1/2 cup water 2 times a day.
La sangre de Dragón es una medicina natural que ayuda a aliviar los problemas gastrointestinales. Sus propiedades actúan como anti inflamatorio en el sistema digestivo y en el estómago. No obstante, este complemento alimenticio es un potencial suplemento para ayudarte con tu salud digestiva. Los adultos deben tomar 20 gotas en 1/2 de vaso con agua dos veces al día.