Funat Passiflora Incarnata Extract Nervous Anxiety Insomnia Passion Flower 60 ml

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Product Description

The passiflora extract helps with pain and nerves relief. Also, the passion flower drops are a natural anxiety relief.
Passiflora incarnata Extract is useful in the treatment of anxiety and sleeping disorders. The passiflora acts as a natural pain relief on your body, relaxing and helping you to have a better day.
You must take 20 passion flower extract drops 3 times a day to resolve naturally your sleep problems. The natural anxiety remedies are recommended for adults only.
How to sleep better? Use this dietary supplement as a natural sedative to relax and have sweet dreams.
La pasiflora es una planta que ayuda naturalmente a controlar la ansiedad o los nervios. Esta medicina mejora nuestro estado anímico para disfrutar de nuestro día. Este producto anti estres, debe ser utilizado por adultos de la siguiente forma: 20 gotas 3 veces al día.